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  • Q: Is there a concrete cutting job Doncore cannot do?

    A: Nope. We do all sized jobs, specializing in concrete cutting, coring and removal. No project is too big or small for our team; we do them all and have done them all.

    We have the proper equipment and expertise to accommodate any job and will utilize our full suite of machinery including hydraulic, electric, and diesel powered saws and drills and bobcats to work around any job situation.

    We provide service 24/7, morning or night, to ensure your project is completed on schedule and on budget.

  • Q: Do you really provide FREE estimates?

    A: We do. We provide free estimates and inspections at no charge. We like to know who and what we’re working with to provide our clients with an accurate assessment of cost and time.

  • Q: Is concrete cutting messy?

    A: It is and it’s also noisy when using traditional concrete cutting methods. BUT! Here at Doncore we will take every measure to reduce and minimize the mess and noise as per your project’s requirements.

    We also offer a DUST-FREE method of concrete cutting that uses water-cooled diamond cutting tools which provide neat and clean cuts that are precise and cause no structural damage. These hydraulic driven tools produce zero emissions, meaning no fumes or smoke. So maybe we take that back, it isn’t always messy.

  • Q: What are your core drilling capabilities?

    A: Doncore is capable of drilling holes to any depth, anywhere, whether it’s in a tight spot, level with the group, big or small. Just mark out the centre and the size and trust us to do the rest.

  • Q: What are your wall sawing capabilities?

    A: Cuts can be made up to a depth of up to 12" from one side and with access, 24" from both sides, or even larger upon request. We have methods to eliminate over-cuts using a Ring saw or Core drilling in corners to create a clean cut appearance. We also have the ability to cut flush with a slab or a perpendicular wall.

    For new openings we require: a minimum of 1 ft wider to the left and right and 1ft below, and 3ft off the wall to the back of the well.
    For enlargements we require: a minimum of 20 inches to the left and right and 20 inches below the new size window, and 3ft off the wall to the back of the well.

    We can cut flush with walls and floors or remove entire sections of wall. We have even cut the tops off of entire foundation walls.

  • Q: Are you certified?

    A: You bet! We are proud to say we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are fully licensed and COR certified with full insurance coverage including WCB insurance. We are also members of the ACSA.

  • Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

    A: We accept cash, cheque and e-Transfers.