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Core Drilling

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Diamond Coring

Doncore's diamond core drilling equipment can efficiently cut and drill holes from 1/2" in diameter to 26” inch diameter and to virtually any depth.

Holes can be drilled on any angle, above and below grade. Typical applications include coring of walls, floors, ceilings, roofs and bridges.

Doncore also does coring samples for testing compressive strength of concrete, and density tests for asphalt. Core drilling is often used for services such as Dryer vents, conduits, drainage piping, fresh air vents, and stressing cables through structures, demolition or new construction.

Holes can be drilled through wood and concrete materials, mountable core rigs, as well as handheld core drills are carried and utilized.

Stitch Drilling

Line drilling or "line coring" is a technique where overlapping holes are drilled in a series or row, allowing for one large piece of concrete to be removed. Line coring is an effective method for cutting and removing small, square or rectangle openings of almost any thickness of concrete where other concrete sawing or cutting methods cannot be applied.

For any concrete anchor to be effective the hole must be exact in diameter and in some cases, a precise depth for the anchor to fit properly. Doncore concrete cutting and coring services provides expert anchor hole drilling to ensure your job is completed to the right specifications.

Dowel Drilling

Dowel drilling is utilized when new concrete is being poured up against existing concrete. To prevent deflection, dowel pins or bars are installed into the existing concrete prior to pouring the new concrete.