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Slab Sawing

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Diesel Flat Saws

Diesel Flat Saws are used to cut out trenches or damaged pieces of asphalt or slabs. They create a nice straight edge for contractors to pour or pave back to. We have the ability to saw to a depth of 12" or even larger upon request.

Electric Slab Saws

Electric Slab Saws are used for inside cutting, we have saws small enough to take downstairs into a basement and saws big enough to ensure productivity in large commercial jobs.

The electric slab saw is a smaller version of the diesel flat saw. It is used for jobs that require significant cutting depth that a large diesel saw cannot reach. Tight areas or facilities that require zero emission equipment is where this application is most used.

Green Saw Cutting

Green saw cutting is used for saw cutting control joints in newly paved concrete roads, aprons, runways or floors, to induce a crack to the pavement in a controlled fashion. Saw cuts are typically 1/8" wide and normally the depth is one-third the thickness of the concrete that is being cut.

Doncore's fleet of saws can ensure that the right tool for the job is used to produce a quick and cost effective solution for your cutting needs. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, Doncore Coring & Cutting will have the right saw for the job at hand.