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Wall Sawing

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Diamond Wall Saws

Diamond wall saws or wrack saws are hydraulic driven and produce zero emissions. The saw mounts onto walls when precise cuts are needed for new doorways, windows, or HVAC openings, or simply removing walls or any other type of wall openings a contractor may need.

They are primarily used to create vertical cuts in any concrete member be it foundation walls, floors, sewer inlet box, tanks, towers or chimneys on all job sites. Wall sawing will create a cut that is exact and precise, and operates with zero vibration to surrounding concrete.

Cuts can be made up to a depth of up to 12" from one side and with access, 24" from both sides, or even larger upon request.

We have methods to eliminate over-cuts using a Ring saw or Core drilling in corners to create a clean cut appearance. We also have the ability to cut flush with a slab or a perpendicular wall.

Wall Cutting Basement Window Egresses Specialist

This service can be done quickly with zero dust or vibration and with little or no inconvenience to the home owner. Doorway and window egresses can be cut in a matter of hours and the new doors or windows can be installed by your contractor on the same day with no concerns about security.

We also cut access openings into foundations to allow for access to crawl spaces and new additions.

  • Must be easily accessible and through 8" wall.
  • Additional charges apply to larger cuts, thicker walls and if cuts have to be made inside.